Healthy Behaviors Conference
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San Diego, California

Request for Proposals
Deadline: TBD 

General Information

We invite you to experience the most invigorating blend of networking and teambuilding opportunities, exceptional speakers and workshop sessions! Part of the BOOST family of conferences, the Healthy Behaviors Conference carries a level of credibility and quality that appeals to key stakeholders supporting youth in the out-of-school time field. This goal of this comprehensive conference is to promote healthy lifestyles for youth while changing lives and saving lives. The retreat-like setting in sunny San Diego, will rejuvenate your passion for creating change in youth, families and communities.


San Diego, California


The Healthy Behaviors Conference includes the most notable professionals in the out-of-school time and after school field, the latest research and trends, and cutting edge topics and information to assist the field in increasing the quality of programming offered. We offer a wide variety of relevant workshops and topics for elementary, middle and high school programs including, but not limited to, the following content areas:

Practice 1:  Approach Program Development in Nutrition and Physical Activity with Vision, Purpose and Intentionality

Program design, staff and student policies, nutrition and physical activity policies, increasing moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), childhood obesity and trends, summer programming, changing the environment, research, childhood obesity prevention strategies, professional development, staff education, role modeling, improving staff health, integrating nutrition education and physical activity into the core program, nutrition education and physical activity curricula and resources, addressing built environments, measuring and managing outcomes, using data for decision making, social policy, evaluation and assessment, using the Exemplary Practices indicators, using quality self-assessment tools, wellness programs, optimal health and well-being


Practice 2:  Integrate Nutrition and Physical Activity Approaches with Youth Development Principles

Creating physically and emotionally safe environments, building and maintaining supportive relationships, hands-on experiential learning, inclusion of all children, self esteem, developing leaders, youth empowerment, youth advocacy, workforce development, recreation, athletics, play, healthy lifestyles, mentoring, getting started with physical activity, risk behavior prevention


Practice 3:  Offer Exciting, Engaging and Meaningful Learning Experiences

Alignment with state standards, making sure activities are meaningful, bringing in community resources, reinforcing/expanding on classroom learning, increasing physical activity variety, cooking classes, gardening, outdoor programming, dance/movement, yoga/meditation, taking advantage of parks

Practice 4:  Commit to Community, Family and School Engagement

Community-based organizations partnerships, building community partnerships, building school partnerships, alignment with the school day, building family partnerships and education, family advocacy, family education, parent and family involvement, family advocacy, school nutrition services partnerships, restaurant and chef partnerships, supermarket partnerships, healthcare partnerships, school and business wellness policies, city and county partnerships, joint use, park partnership, county health department partnerships, community internships and volunteer opportunities, other partnerships

Practice 5:  Strengthen Food Security

Creating an environment that supports healthy eating; increasing access to fruits and vegetables; school lunch/breakfast participation; helping families access food and nutrition programs; food bank partnerships; addressing food deserts; increasing access to healthy foods; improving out-of-school time snacks; healthy snacks; school and community gardens; adding a federally reimbursable meal; influencing school lunch offerings; linking with school wellness policies; summer food; cooking healthy recipes; poverty, hunger and obesity

Practice 6:  Secure Adequate and Sustainable Funding

Using data for fund development and advocacy; creating an executive summary; building a diversified and sustainable funding base; grant writing; poverty and hunger; healthy fundraising; marketing

These categories are based on the Exemplary Practices in Healthy Eating Physical Activity, and Food Security.  For more information, go to the Changing Lives, Saving Lives guide (www.afterschoolsolutions.org).

Presenter Benefits:
The main presenter will receive complimentary 2-day conference registration including all conference sponsored special events. Complimentary registration is only for the main presenter and/or agency only. Co-presenters, panel members, and additional agency members will need to register for the conference.

Application Procedure:
Please submit completed proposals via our online system by TBD. We are unable to accept any proposals submitted after 5pm PST on this date.

Selection Criteria:
Please note that the review committee receives many more proposals than we can accept. It will greatly increase the likelihood of your workshop being accepted if the following objectives are met:

- Provide complete information in the requested format as well as providing clear objectives and organization.

- Workshops are professional development opportunities and we give first priority to workshop presenters who are not selling a product or service.

- Our goal is to serve the field through quality workshops that are the on the forefront of after school and out-of-school time trends, research, and pertinent to all levels of stakeholders. We are seeking thought-provoking, innovative approaches relevant to the field.

- We are seeking workshops sessions that attract, engage and stimulate both new and experienced participants and a diverse audience.

- Workshops should include an opportunity for participation and networking.

You will receive notification of acceptance or denial of your proposal by TBD (This date is subject to change at any time.)